KCR announces Rs. 2.5 crore aid to chess player


Hyderabad, May 15: Honourable Chief Minister Sri K. Chandrashekhar Rao expressed delight over Telangana Chess player Uppala Praneeth (16) qualified for ‘World Chess Federation Grandmaster’ rank. Praneeth gained international fame in the Chess at a very young age. As the Federation announced Grandmaster, CM KCR called Praneeth and his parents to the Secretariat on Monday and blessed the chess grandmaster. The CM congratulated Praneeth’s parents who worked hard and trained him well. The Chief Minister said that Praneeth’s passion and hard work made him a Grandmaster.

CM KCR hoped Praneeth will reach more heights and bring laurels and fame to Telangana state and also India in the future. The CM made it clear that the state government will extend all cooperation to Praneeth. On this occasion, CM KCR announced Rs 2.50 crore to Praneeth to undergo training and for other expenses. Praneeth’s parents thanked CM KCR. The CM said that Praneeth’s rise as a grand master is a proof that the state government is providing incentives to the sportspersons and the measures taken for the development of the sports field are yielding good results.

CM KCR announces Rs 50 lakh to chess champion Nandita

Honourable Chief Minister Sri K Chandrashekhar Rao congratulated Veerlapalli Nandita (19) on being recognised her as a Woman Candidate Master’ by the World Chess Federation. CM KCR announced Rs 50 lakh to Nandita to undergo advanced training and for other expenses. The CM wished Nandita will reach many heights at the international level. CM KCR instructed his secretary Sri Bhupal Reddy to take immediate action in this direction.


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