Modi Seems Set For A Hat-Trick As PM


(Anita Saluja)

Modi hai toh Mumkin hai!! With the resounding success of G20 Summit and now after the smooth sailing of the Women’s Reservation Bill in Parliament that gives 33 per cent reservation to them in the Lok Sabha and the State Legislatures, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has become a Demi-God among the masses.

Bringing the Women Reservation Bill that cannot be implemented before 2026 is a shrewd move, as it does not compel the Modi Government to do anything, yet take all the credit for it, three years in advance. Going for the Census and Delimitation exercise is going to be a herculean task for the next government. But, instead of taking the brickbats on failing to satisfy everyone, especially the Southern States, which have indeed succeeded in keeping their population in check, Modi has come up with the masterstroke. Get applause, before the show commences!!

Interestingly, Prime Minister Modi is known for springing surprises. Earlier, it was Demonetization, when he appeared on the Television sets and shocked everyone. Then came the Abrogation of Article 370, the announcement of which was made by Union Home Minister Amit Shah in the Rajya Sabha, the news that sent shock waves across the entire country, especially for the people in Jammu & Kashmir. This time, when everyone was speculating that there will be simultaneous elections, he came up with the pleasant news on Women’s Reservation. Slowly and slowly, the Modi Government is moving ahead to fulfilling the promises that have been long pending on the political horizon. Who could have anticipated that the Women’s Reservation Bill can be brought, with a future date of implementation? A cheque that will be encashed, or get bounced, after a few years! Truly, only Modi can conceive of such an idea and implement it with precision, leaving the entire Opposition spellbound.

Prime Minister Modi doesn’t want to keep any part of the Hindutva Agenda pending. Starting from the construction of the Ram Temple in Ayodhya, to the impossible being made possible, the Abrogation of Article 370, Modi has accomplished all the promises made by the BJP, dating back to its very inception. Whether or not he will also take the agenda of One Nation, One Election to its final conclusion, needs to be keenly watched. Already, a Committee under the Chairmanship of former President Ramnath Kovind has been set up.

Modi, for obvious reasons, is desperate for a hat-trick in the Lok Sabha elections. Being nervous of the coming together of 28 Opposition parties, which have named their bloc as INDIA, the Prime Minister doesn’t want to leave any stone unturned, in impressing the masses. However, in this panic reaction, the government tried to change the name of India to Bharat, when the invites to G20 guests were sent from the Prime Minister of Bharat and President of Bharat. Sensing that it meant nothing as both the words, Bharat and India, were incorporated in the Constitution, the issue was neither highlighted by the Government or the Opposition.

The Women’s Bill left-out the reservation for OBCs, thus giving a huge weapon to the Opposition to woo them. The Congress and its alliance partners were quick to demand their reservation, too. One will have to see the next step taken by Modi to impress these deprived sections of the society.

Given the larger-than-life image of Modi, who is perceived to be capable of doing anything, people are now wondering as to why he could not give reservation to women in the forthcoming Lok Sabha elections of 2024, itself. He could have just declared and the entire lot of MPs would have fallen in line. The move would have sent shock waves in the entire Opposition, who being unprepared, would have urged him to wait till the Delimitation. It would have been vice-versa and to the benefit of the NDA.

Though, in most cases, creating a larger-than-life image helps the leader and his party, but sometimes it can boomerang also. So sure is the public of his charisma and his ability to succeed that they can’t think of any failures from him. Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikaas, Sabka Vishwas has to be implemented in its true spirit. You can’t be seen dilly-dallying on any of the issues. On the issue of One Nation, One Election, people will now be awaiting the decision of the Committee and how Modi goes ahead on this issue. Perhaps, the Bill on this issue will also be passed, leaving its implementation after the Delimitation exercise of 2026!!

If all the important legislations are enacted in the 17th Lok Sabha, what will Prime Minister Modi and his team do in its next tenure? The Prime Minister wants to let the nation know that it is only HE, who is sincere in his commitments and knows how to complete his unfinished agenda. The conglomerate of 28 parties, who cannot even decide on their leader, are not capable of handling such sensitive issues. Besides the main issues of One Nation, One Election and Women’s Reservation Bill, Modi is yet to initiate action on Uniform Civil Code! All the three issues are controversial, but he has started the debate and would take them to its logical conclusion. If not now, in the next 18th Lok Sabha, Modi will accomplish it, but before that he wants a hat-trick. The people seem to have full confidence in him!

(The writer is Delhi-based senior journalist and political commentator. Views are personal.)


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