A Case of a Bright Indian Telugu Youth


Endowed with Many Laurels in the Netherlands

(Dr Shankar Chatterjee)
This is the case of an Indian youth born in Kurnool, Andhra Pradesh, who has already
brought name and fame to our country. Gavi Matam Harshith Sai was born on September 15,
1998, in a family where many family members are great personalities in their own fields – his
father, M Veerabhadraiah, Chief Manager (Retd) Indian Overseas Bank and mother, G
Jyothi although is house maker but a pious lady and offering food daily to a few needy
people is her nature which her husband always support. Harshith Sai’s only elder sister, M
Sailaja Devi, completed her master’s in engineering in London, and her husband, Dr. S
Nagesh, MBBS, MD(Pediatrics), MRCPCH(London), Neonatology (London), is popular
name in Hyderabad as a child specialist. 
Harshith completed his schooling in Ooty, Tamil Nadu; Intermediate from Tirupati, Andhra
Pradesh, and B. Tech from Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. Later on, he shifted to the Netherlands,
from where he completed MS (Artificial Intelligence) in November 2023. Harshith, armed
with a bachelor’s degree in computer science, foresaw the potential of Artificial Intelligence
ahead of the curve. His insight led him to pursue a master’s in Artificial Intelligence at the
University of Groningen, a top-ranking institution consistently among the world’s top 100

Six months into his master’s journey, Harshith decided to take on a new challenge by
participating in the iGEM (International Genetically Engineered Machine) competition.
Although this competition is primarily designed for Biomedical and Biotechnology students
to encourage them to solve real-world problems, it requires a team with a varied set of skills.
After a month of the selection procedure, he was chosen from a diverse group of students
based on his skill set. In this lengthy project, the first month was spent selecting a real-world
problem to solve. They chose the issue of Avian Influenza, also known as Chicken Flu, which
is a significant problem in present-day Netherlands. Having identified the problem, they spent
the next six months researching and developing a more practical and sustainable solution.
Harshith played various roles during the competition, contributing as a Vice Chair, Sole
Coder, Web Co-developer, Co-designer, and Lab Assistant. Playing these diverse roles, he
contributed to the team in multiple ways and took the team to the world stage in Paris. Paris
hosted the final Jamboree, where all the teams worldwide came together to showcase and
compete to be the best. The project was evaluated in various aspects to award the best in each
category and an overall standard. At this stage, the project was one of the few in the world to
be nominated for the safest project and was awarded an overall gold standard.
Fueled by newfound confidence, he secured a role as an Artificial Intelligence (AI) Architect
in the revolutionary biotech startup Formula Y, where he continues to make an impact to
change the world. 

On the other hand, wanting to provide a sense of home for the Indian students abroad and
wanting to improve the community for the same, he became the president of the Indian
Student Association of Groningen (GISA). His term in the presidency has been going well,
and his plans to expand the community are only getting better with time. Not stopping there,

Harshith sought more avenues for community service. He recently joined UNICEF
Groningen and is set to begin spreading awareness.
  Harshith Sai, the youth of 25 years of age, has shown age is not a factor in reaching the
zenith if dedication, devotion, sincerity, and honesty are followed. Wishing him more and
more laurels in his future life.  
(Author is a former Professor & Head (CPME),NIRD & PR,
Hyderabad, India)


  1. Such news warms the cockles of those of my ilk, who forever think as to how to unearth the talent among our youth and channelise the same for the good of the country. That India is a power house of knowledge is beyond doubt.

    The successes achieved both here in India under trying circumstances and abroad under more conducive circumstances is a testimony to their talent. It is this knowledge that makes many foreigners in every conceivable field predict that it is just not this decade, but the century itself belongs to India. The key to make such a proposition lies in providing right opportunites to the youth to unleash their power of knowledge.

    T.D.Ananda Rao,
    Retd. Traffic Inspector,
    South Western Railway, Hubli.
    Present Residence Hyderabad.


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