Food for Health Rhymes


Srinivasa K. Rao, Ph.D.

Srinivasa K. Rao, Ph.D.

Harmonizing health & biodiversity, our melodic food for health rhymes initiative ignites kids’ love for diverse foods in fun, engaging way.

A Sweet Rhyme on Bitter Gourd

Srinivasa K. Rao, Ph.D.

Recognizing that children’s limited diet impacts both their health and the planet’s biodiversity, we propose to foster a love for diverse foods through the universal language of music. We’ll create nursery rhymes, each featuring a different food item, set to familiar tunes. We hope these rhymes will not only educate children about the nutritional benefits of various foods but also stimulate demand for diverse crops, ultimately contributing to biodiversity. This initiative promises a fun, engaging way to cultivate healthier habits in children while safeguarding our planet.

1.🎵 Bitter Gourd, a veggie bold,

With a bitter taste, a story told.

Boiled or baked, or in a stew,

It boosts your health, and that is true.

2. 🎵 Packed with vitamins, light on the scale,

Bitter Gourd helps your health prevail.

Its antioxidants, they purify,

A food that helps your health amplify. 🎵

3. 🎵 Bitter Gourd, so unique and lean,

A powerhouse of nutrients, so serene.

Its fiber content aids digestion’s ride,

A veggie that keeps your gut satisfied. 🎵

4. 🎵 Embrace its taste, don’t be shy,

Bitter Gourd helps keep blood sugar levels nigh.

A bitter bite, but a sweet reward,

For the health benefits of Bitter Gourd. 🎵


  1. I have gone through the poem, excellent. All important points about bitter gourd have been highlighted here.


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