CM releases Rythu Bharosa- PM Kisan funds


Pattikonda (Kurnool dist) June 1: Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy released Rs. 3,923.21crore under YSR Rythu Bharosa-PM Kisan benefiting 52, 30, 939 farmers at Rs.7500 each across the State. The amount, released as the first tranche for the fifth consecutive year, would be directly credited into their bank accounts.
The Chief Minister also released Rs.53.62crore towards input subsidy to compensate for the crop loss suffered by 33,851 farmers due to natural calamities. Input subsidy is paid at the end of each season in which the crop loss occurs.
Addressing a public meeting here on Thursday before releasing the amount with the click of a button, the Chief Minister reiterated that the Government has been implementing various welfare schemes for farmers as the wellness of the State and the country depends on the wellness of farmers.

Out of the Rs. 7500, Rs.5500 will be credited now as the State Government’s contribution of YSR Rythu Bharosa and the remaining Rs. 2000 will be credited soon when the Centre releases its PM Kisnan contribution, he said.
He observed that Government has paid Rs. 30,985crore under YSR Rythu Bharosa-PM Kisan alone in the last four years benefiting each farmer Rs.61, 500 while 22.74 lakh farmers received Rs. 1965 crore towards input subsidy.

Government has so far spent Rs. 60,000crore on procurement of 3.09crore tons of foodgrains as against Rs. 40,000crore incurred on procurement of 2. 65 crore tons of food grains during TDP rule, said the Chief Minister, adding that the procurement arrears of. Rs. 960crore of the TDP rule were also cleared.
With the revolutionary changes introduced by the Government in the agricultural sector in the last four years and 10,778 Rythu Bharosa Kendras (RBKs) extending sevices from sowing seeds to harvesting crops to marketing their agricultural produce, paddy and horticultural production went up to 165 lakh tons and 332 lakh Tonnes per year from 153 lakh tons and 228 lakh tons respectively in TDP rule, he said.

While 1623 mandals were declared drought-hit in TDP rule, not even a single Mandal was declared drought-hit so far in the last four years, he said, adding that the amount of loans sanctioned under zero-interest rate went up to Rs. 6680crore benefitting 44 lakh farmers from Rs. 3411 crore that benefitted only 30,85,000 farmers in TDP rule. Last year’s Kharif insurance amount would be credited on July 8, YSR Jayanti, he said.
The Chief Minister said that rural landscape has been changing fast with RBKs handholding farmers at every step and extending e-cropping, soil testing, social audit and other services.

While under Jagananna Saswatha Bhu Hakku Bhu Raksha, Government has taken up resurvey of lands after 100 years to permanently solve land disputes, it is also trying to ensure that land registrations take place at the village secretariats by establishing sub-registrar offices there itself and expedite farm mechanization by providing subsidy and loans to farmers.

In response to the appeal of local MLA K. Sridevi, the Chief Minister sanctioned Rs. 85crore for a lift irrigation project, Rs. 10crore for establishing tamoto processing unit, Rs. 1.70 crore for BC girls building, Rs. 7.5crore for constructing a high level bridge and and agreed to help establish onion-powder making units in the constituency.

Kurnool district collector Dr Srujana, MLA K. Sridevi and some of the beneficiaries also addressed the public meeting.


  1. ఈ vyus లో ఒక్కటే View
    .. అది నీలి రంగులో ఉంటుంది….. ఎందుకో “పాత్రికేయo” పేరుతో ఈ వ్యభిచారం!!

    “ఇటువంటి కామెంట్స్ ని కనిపించకుండా డిలీట్ చేసి..వ్యభిచార వృతిలో వాళ్ల కంటే అసహ్యం గా ప్రవర్తిస్తున్న” సో కాల్డ్ ” పాత్రికేయుడు!

    • సీఎంఓ వార్తలు మాత్రమే ఇస్తానండి. రేపు చంద్రబాబు గారు అధికారంలోకి వచ్చినా నేను సీఎంఓ ఇచ్చిన వార్తలే ఇస్తా.. ముందు మీరు నా పట్ల ఉన్న అభిప్రాయాన్ని మార్చుకోవాలని వినతి.


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