658 cr released to 4.40lac women through EBC Nestam


CM releases YSR EBC Nestham funds
Markapuram (Prakasam dist.) April 12:
Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy released Rs.658.60crore towards the second tranche of YSR EBC Nestham benefiting 4,39,068 poor women belonging to Reddy, Kamma, Aryavaishya, Brahmin, Kshatriya, Velama and other OC communities across the State.
The amount would be directly credited into the bank accounts of beneficiaries aged between 45 to 60 years to help them set up own business units and attain economic empowerment.

Addressing a public meeting after releasing the amount at the click of a button here on Wednesday, the Chief Minister saluted the women saying that the life story of each household woman is as great and inspiring as that of a legend as they strive for the welfare of their family overcoming many obstacles in domestic life.
Under the YSR EBC Nestham, Government would extend Rs 15,000 each per annum for three years to make them self reliant and turn entrepreneurs. The scheme, which is not part of the YSRCP election manifesto, was introduced by the Chief Minister with a view to extend a helping hand to the poor women of the OC communities.

The Government has so far released Rs. 1257.04crore under the YSR EBC Nestham crediting Rs. 30,000 each in the two tranches.
Aiming at economic, political and social empowerment of the women, Government has been implementing slew of welfare schemes like YSR Sampoorna Poshana, YSR Kalyanamasthu and Shadi Tohfa, Vidya Deevena, Vasathi Deevena, Videshi Vidya Deevena, YSR Aasara, YSR Cheyutha, YSR Kapu Nestham, YSR EBC Nestham and many others in an unprecedented way, he said, adding that the Government has been working towards all round development of women in right earnest.
So far, 30 lakh house sites were distributed to women across the State and 20 lakh houses are under construction, he said, adding that the Government has also cleared DWCRA bank loans to the tune of Rs. 19, 178crores out of a total of Rs. 25, 570crore kept pending by the TDP rule.

Besides enacting a Law to allot 50 per cent of the nominated posts and contracts to the women, the Government has spent Rs.1,42,000crore for their welfare out of a total expenditure of Rs. 2,07,000 crores incurred on various welfare schemes in the last 45 months with a view to ensure the emergence of the 21st century modern women of India from our households in the State, he said.
Debunks Chandrababu’s selfie challenge
Debunking the TDP president Chandrababu Naidu’s selfie challenge as publicity stunt, the Chief Minister said that Naidu has no locus standi and morality to pose for selfies, throw political challenges and paste stickers of his party at households.
Charging Naidu with posing for selfies before the TIDCO house being constructed by the present Government, he asked the TDP President if he is posing for selfies and throwing challenges for exploiting and cheating people through corrupt Janma Bhoomi committees and for foisting false cases against minorities during his rule.

Is it for cheating people on waiver of DWCRA loans, Sunna Vaddi loans and Rythu Bharosa pursuing the policy of plunder, stash and devour with the support of your friendly media and foster son between 2014 and 2019, he asked Naidu.
He said his Government has distributed through DBT a whopping Rs. 2,07,000crore in the last 45 months to lakhs of beneficiaries in full transparency and asked the people to question the TDP President on why he was unable to distribute the funds during his rule.
Are you posing for selfies and throwing challenges just because you had diverted the funds that should have gone to the people, he asked Naidu, asking the people to see the difference between the TDP rule and the present Government.
He appealed to the people not to believe the false propaganda being spread by the TDP friendly media and Naidu’s foster son saying that the Opposition parties have no locus standi to go the people posing for selfies and pasting party stickers.
While the TDP had thrown its 600-page election manifesto into the dustbin, the present Government considered its party manifesto as Bhagavad Gita, Bible and Quran and has been implementing its election promises with commitment for people’s welfare.

Pointing out that the Opposition would stage more dramas and spread fake news in future with the support of its friendly media, he asked the people not to fall prey to such political gimmickry.
“You are only my strength and I depend on you and God. I call upon you to go by the yardstick of the welfare benefits you have received and become the soldiers of the party and work for its victory in the next elections,” he told the people.
On local MLA’s request, he Chief Minister agreed to construct Ambedkar and BC Bhavans at Markapuram besides sanctioning funds for drainage works at Podili.
He also sanctioned Rs. 2crore for constructing Shadi Khana in the town and Rs. 50crores for laying the 17-km pipe line for augmenting drinking water supply from NSP Canal. He also laid foundation stones for some of these woks virtually.
Lauding the farmers who have sacrificed 13 acres for the construction of medical college, the Chief Minister agreed to release Rs. 3 lakh each towards their development.

He said that efforts are on to complete the second tunnel of the Velugonda Project by September next and inaugurate it in October.
Markapuram MLA K. Nagarjuna Reddy, BC Welfare Minister Ch. Venugopala Krishna and the District Collector Dinesh Kumar also spoke.
Kasula Venkata Aruna, one of the beneficiaries of YSR EBC Nestham, also spoke thanking the Chief Minister for implementing various welfare schemes.


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