Ambedkar statue to be unveild on 14th April


Hyderabad, April 4: Chief Minister Sri K Chandrashekhar Rao extolled the architect of Indian Constitution Dr BR Ambedkar for delivering social economic justice and brought equal justice in all sectors to all sections with his vision. Ambedkar made India proud worldwide as he sacrificed his entire life for a big cause.

CM KCR said that Ambedkar incorporated Article 3 for separate states during the drafting of the constitution. Ambedkar paved the way for realization of Telangana state .

CM KCR said that the India’s tallest statue of Dr BR Ambedkar, which is next to the State Secretariat, opposite to Buddha status and located beside the Telangana Martyrs memorial, will inspire people every day and motivate the entire state administration.

CM KCR made it clear to the ministers and officials that the unveiling ceremony of the 125 feet Ambedkar statue should be held on a grand scale and the entire Telangana people and the country celebrate the occasion in a big joy.

Chief Minister K. Chandrashekhar Rao held a high-level review meeting on the arrangements for the public meeting to be held after the unveiling of the statue on the occasion of Ambedkar’s birthday on April 14.

Ministers Sri Koppula Eshwar, Harish Rao, Vemula Prashanth Reddy, MLCs Palla Rajeshwar Reddy, Venkatarami Reddy, MLAs Sandra Venkata Veeraiah, Rasamai Balakishan, Balka Suman, Vitthal Reddy, Chief Advisor to the Government Rajeev Sharma, GHMC Commissioner, Chief Secretary to the Government Shanti Kumari, DGP Anjani Kumar, Hyderabad Police Commissioner CV Anand, Chief Secretary to CM Narsing Rao, CMO Secretaries Bhupal Reddy, Smithasabarwal, Finance Special Chief Secretary Ramakrishna Rao, MAUD Special Chief Secretary Arvind Kumar, Welfare Secretary Rahul Bojja, Roads and Buildings Secretary Srinivasa Raju, ENC Ganapathi Reddy, Chairman Saichand of the State Warehouse Corporation and others participated.

The CM recalled that since the decision was taken to erect the statue of Ambedkar, it took at least two years to finalize technical and manufacturing measures . CM KCR said that he is very satisfied that many countries and regions are consulted and gathered information and prepared the statue with full indigenous knowledge.

’’ The installation of the statue is more wonderful than what had imagined”, CM KCR expressed his happiness and satisfaction. On this occasion, CM KCR praised the statue sculptor 98 years old Padma Bhushan, Ram Vanji Sutar for making such a big effort . It has been decided to invite him specially and honour.

The Chief Minister said… “We are going to unveil the great statue of Dr. BR Ambedkar, who is the pride of the nation. Ambedkar’s hard work and sacrifice as a warrior, who fought for social justice made the future generations of the people of this country , a memorable forever. Not only the Dalits, Tribals, Bacakward classes and the people of India, wherever they face discrimination, Ambedkar’s ambition is realized. Ambedkar is a Universal Man. The installation of Ambedkar statue is a constant inspiration to pursue his highest ambitions..” said the CM.

CM KCR said that the state secretariat is named after Ambedkar with the great determination of public representatives and the entire government machinery to work for the realization of Ambedkar’s aspirations.

In such a historic context, the CM ordered that the program organized by the Telangana State Government should be conducted with due precautions. CM KCR made it clear to the ministers and officials that all arrangements should be made for the convenience of the guests and people coming from all corners of the state for the unveiling of the statue.

On this occasion, the CM gave many instructions to them.

After the unveiling of the statue, Ambedkar’s supporters from all over the state and across the country will come to visit. The CM said. As it is summer season, tents should be set up and arrangements should be made for drinking water, buttermilk etc. The CM ordered the ministers and officials to continue all these arrangements for another month.

CM KCR recalled that when he was an MLA four decades ago, he set up a study center called ‘Centre for Subaltern Studies’ with the intention of studying the status of Dalits in India in comparison with the oppressed groups of the world. On this occasion, CM KCR said that the efforts made by Ambedkar for the eradication of untouchbility and for the rights of the dalits is commendable and no person in Asia continent strove like Ambedkar .

Decisions taken in the review meeting:

• Dr. BR Ambedkar’s statue unveiling on April 14 should be celebrated as a grand, historic ceremony and with a fervour that makes the nation proud.

• Flowers will be showered by a special helicopter to pay tribute to the Proud of India and the founder of the Constitution of India in a grand manner.

• Make a huge garland with roses, white chrysanthemums and betel leaves.

• A huge crane will be used to remove the huge curtain on the statue of BR Ambedkar and decorate it with a giant flower garland.

• Only Buddhist monks will be invited for this program and the program will be conducted in their traditional way.

• In addition to Secretariat staff officers..HODs of all departments, District Collectors..State Ministers, MPs (Rajya Sabha Lok Sabha), MLCs, MLAs, State Corporation Chairman should attend this program.

• Arrangements will be made to ensure that 35,700 people from all 119 constituencies attend the Ambedkar statue unveiling meeting with 300 people from each constituency.

• 750 RTC buses will be booked for public transport.

• Food arrangements will be made for the people who come to the assembly within 50 kms before reaching Hyderabad. Arrangements for dinner should also be taken care of while returning after the meeting.

• One lakh sweet packets, one and a half lakh butter milks pockets and one and a half lakh water packets will be made available for the public.

• As a large number of people are likely to attend, the entire area around the statue should be utilized. Tents will be arranged to protect the people from Sun heat .

• Hyderabad CP should take charge of trouble free parking of vehicles. A suitable place for parking will be identified .

• Police administration should look for alternative routes to avoid inconvenience to common commuters on the day of statue unveiling.

• HMDA Special Chief Secretary Arvind Kumar, GHMC Commissioner Lokesh Kumar, DGP Anjan Kumar, CP CV Anand, Roads and Buildings Department Secretaries have been given the responsibility for the arrangements.

• Cultural programs will be organized in a grand manner with songs. For this, the Chairman of Cultural wing Rasamayi Balakishan along with Chairman of Warehousing Department and singer Saichand will design the cultural programs. Balakishan will take the responsibility of rehearsals and other preparations for this.

• Chief Secretary to Govt Shanthi Kumari will review the arrangements of all programmes .

• Ambedkar grandson Prakash Ambedkar will be invited as chief guest for the unveiling ceremony.

• Advertisements will be issued to print and electronic media all over the country to highlight the greatness of Ambedkar Mahasaya.

• A committee consisting of Ministers Harish Rao, Koppula Eshwar and Prashant Reddy should take appropriate action in this regard. Apart from this, this committee also supervises the arrangements related to the unveiling of the statue and the meeting.

• LED screens will be arranged for the audience on this occasion.

• 40,000 chairs will be arranged for the audience.

• Passes will be prepared and issued for the selected invitees, intellectuals and other dignitaries concerned.

• Ambedkar statue architect Ram Vanji Sutar from Maharashtra will be felicitated on behalf of the state government.

• The meeting will start at 2 PM and end at 5 PM on April 14.

• The meeting will begin with the inaugural address by the Chief Secretary to the Government, Shanthi Kumari . After that, state Welfare Minister Koppula Eshwar and Prakash Ambedkar will address. Later, CM KCR will address the meeting. The meeting will end with a vote of thanks by Rahul Bojja, Secretary, Welfare Department.


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