TDP Govt betrayed women says Jagan


AP CM credits Rs 1261 crore under YSR Sunna Vaddi
Consecutively 3rd time
Altogether more than 3k Cr given away to women
TDP Government betrayed them
Our Government committed to welfare and economic growth
Ongole, April 22:
For the third consecutive year, Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy on Friday credited Rs 1261 crore directly into the accounts of 1.02 crore women belonging to ‘Self-help groups’ as interest reimbursement under ‘YSR Sunna Vaddi’ scheme.

Addressing a large gathering here, the Chief Minister said that the state government is committed to women empowerment and thus rolled out schemes like Sunna Vaddi, Aasara, and Cheyutha, to strengthen women in all aspects. In the last three years, the government disbursed Rs 3615 crore under YSR Sunna Vaddi schemes benefiting all those women who availed of loans and made timely repayments. He stated that the government had also discussed with the banks and reduced the interest rates for women to 8.5-9.5 percent from the existing 12.5-13.5 percent.

The Chief Minister opined that the previous government betrayed women by promising to waive off pending loans during the 2014 polls, where in return the SHG women have been burdened with over Rs 14205 crore, losing their credentials and joining in NPA list. Besides failing to keep the promise of waiving the outstanding loans, he stated that the previous government had also discontinued the Sunna Vaddi scheme for the SHG women and burdened them with Rs 3036 crore as interest for their loans, and by 2019 the outstanding loans reached to Rs 25517 crore.

Unlike the previous government, where 18.36 percent SHGs were on NPA list, the current government with good reforms brought down the number drastically to 0.73 percent, where the number of women in SHGs increased to 1.02 crore from 80 lakhs.

The Chief Minister said that the government is committed to women’s welfare, economic progress, and overall development of women. Listing out various welfare schemes, he said that since the inception of the government Rs 1,36,694 crore has been disbursed through DBT without any middlemen or any corruption, where Rs 94,318 crore of the total amount was credited directly to the women beneficiaries.
Taking a dig at the opposition, he stated that they are jittery and jealous of the implementation of welfare schemes and thus taking up Goebbels propaganda against the government creating a false illusion on State finances.

Reiterating that there is no medicine for their jealousy, he stated that Navaratnalu had changed the lives of many weaker sections, strengthening them and putting them at the forefront. Coming down heavily on the Opposition and a section of media for equating the State with crisis-ridden Sri Lanka, he stated that Chandrababu Naidu doesn’t want to implement these schemes if he comes to power.

He stated that there was no difference between his government and the previous one in the revenues and loans, and despite having fewer borrowings than the earlier one all the promised welfare schemes are being implemented in a transparent manner. He claimed that they achieved what Chandrababu could not do in his term. Further, he asked how the state would become Sri Lanka if the schemes are implemented and questioned if they are not implemented as Naidu did, will the State become America.

Stating that he was fighting with the demons in the form of Chandrababu Naidu, Pawan, and a section of the media, the Chief Minister said that he had implemented all the welfare schemes despite the financial crisis due to Covid and stood by the people.

He said that the government prioritised weaker sections and strived for social justice where even in cities like Vijayawada Mayor post was given to BC’s.
Ministers B Muthyalanaidu, Adimulapu Suresh, Meruga Nagarjuna, and other public representatives, and senior officials were present at the event.


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