Dr Nori Dattatreyudu meets CM


Amaravati, Mar 11: Renowned Oncologist and Govt Advisor ( Cancer Care) Dr Nori Dattatreyudu met Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy at the camp office here on Friday.
During the meeting, they discussed cancer prevention measures and advanced treatment methods. The State Government will setup comprehensive cancer care hospitals at Tirupati, Vishakapatnam and one between Vijayawada and Guntur and also one special cancer care center for children in Tirupati.
Dr Noori and renowned doctor in America Dr Ashok Kumar Konduru have reviewed on Cancer Care Center which will be setup in Tirupati and submitted the report to the Chief Minister.
The Chief Minister directed them to focus on screening along with treatment, and also on HPV vaccination and said detecting cancer at early stage will save the lives of the patients. He said to prepare a plan to ensure poor also get better treatment facilities for cancer.
Dr Noori has prepared DPR on cancer care centers ensuring the treatment is available to everyone. The discussions focused on ensuring cancer treatment in the state so that the patients doesn’t go to other states.
Dr Ashok Kumar and TTD Chairman YV Subba Reddy were also present on the occasion.


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