Enhanced pensions from January


Monthly pension will be 2500 instead of Rs 2250
Amaravati, Dec 14: Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy on Tuesday has decided to enhance social monthly pensions to Rs 2500 from January 1, 2022, and roll out EBC Nestam on January 9.
During the Spandana video conference with District Collectors and SPs, several key issues have been discussed, where the Chief Minister announced an increase in social pensions as a New Year gift, where the existing pension of Rs 2250 will be increased to Rs 2500 from January 1.
In regard to Covid, the Chief Minister lauded the efforts of the administration for effectively controlling the spread of Covid and instructed them to be on high alert with the Omicron variant. He directed the authorities to achieve 100 percent single-dose vaccination across the State by the end of December, especially concentrating on the backward districts and focus on completing the entire vaccination process at the earliest possible by coordinating with the Centre. He said that a door-to-door survey has been conducted 32 times in State, adding that the recovery rate is at 99.21 percent, while the mortality rate is only 0.7 percent.

The Chief Minister ordered the authorities to review the 104 call center, ensuring a quick response is given to the callers and build it as One-Stop Solution for all Covid queries. He said that it is very important to track and trace people who come from abroad. He directed the Collectors to follow up the establishment of PSA plants by private hospitals with an over 100-bed capacity and arrange a sufficient number of D-type cylinders and oxygen concentrators.
Reviewing the Housing programme, the Chief Minister stated that all the obstacles have been cleared and expressed that the economy will be improved with the construction of houses. He directed the officials to prioritise the initiative and ensure proper clearance of the bills without any dues. He said that construction of all houses should start by January 31, including those who have opted for option-3, and instructed the Collectors, JCs, Municipal Commissioners to conduct periodical inspections.

The Chief Minister emphasized controlling the construction costs by setting up brick manufacturing units within the layouts to reduce the transportation charges, and by procuring cement and steel at subsidy prices. Stressing on providing a loan of Rs 35,000 to beneficiaries at 25 paise interest, he directed the authorities to coordinate with the bankers. Also, he asked the engineering assistants in the secretariats to look after the quality of construction of the houses and said to hold meetings every week from the village secretariat to district level on the construction of houses. Further, the Chief Minister ordered the officials to sanction house sites to all the eligible people within 90 days of applying.
OTS Scheme
In regard to the OTS Scheme, the Chief Minister instructed the officials to create awareness among the public along with secretariat staff and volunteers. He said the state government will be waiving off Rs 10,000 crore of housing loans of the poor and the registrations will be done free of cost. He said the beneficiaries would get legal rights on the properties, where they sell or transfer or avail loans from banks. He directed the authorities to clearly explain the benefits of the scheme. He said the opposition has been trying to hinder the implementation of the OTS scheme, although the previous government did not consider proposals to waive interest of housing loans. He stated that the scheme is getting a good response, where over five lakh people have been benefited through OTS.
Jagananna Smart Townships

The Chief Minister said that Jagananna Smart Townships are aimed to offer undisputed plots for middle-class people at affordable rates, with all kinds of facilities. He said that houses will be constructed after the allotment of plots and directed the officials to focus on required land acquisition.
Spandana grievances
Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy asked the Collectors to own the programme and re-examine the mechanism set up for the initiative. He said to ensure a quality mechanism in resolving the grievances and told to receive applications in each Secretariat from 3pm to 5pm every day, in addition to the weekly programme. When a second application is filed on the same issue, verification should not be done by a superior officer and should definitely consider that application. He directed the officials to have a humanitarian attitude towards people who come with their grievances.
SDG Goals
The Chief Minister said that the main purpose behind the SDG goals is to provide welfare benefits to all eligible in a satisfactory, transparent manner without leaving anyone behind. He said that mapping has been done through the Navratnalu programme and instructed the officials to achieve the targeted goals. He stated that a monitoring mechanism should be set up to achieve the SDG objectives, involving each and every district.

Discussing the basic infrastructural facilities in agriculture sectors, the Chief Minister stated that the government has established a vast network of RBKs at the village level, facilitating farmers from seed to crop sale. Also, the government is establishing warehouses and primary processing facilities and has set up a CMAPP to monitor crop prices. He directed the authorities to focus on the construction of godowns, as well as processing units at the parliamentary level.
Paddy procurement
The Chief Minister instructed the Collectors and JCs to take appropriate measures in providing MSP to the farmers against the purchase of their crops. He said that the government had removed the role of millers or any middlemen in paddy purchases and has been taking steps to provide remunerative prices. He said that farmers should not be exploited under any circumstances and told the officials to review paddy procurement and inspect the phasing centers on a daily basis.
Village Secretariats, RBKs, Digital Libraries
The Chief Minister directed the officials to complete the construction of secretariats, RBKs and digital libraries by Ugadi. Besides these, he asked them to focus on the renovation of schools under Nadu-Nedu, and the establishment of village clinics.

Welfare schemes
OTS Scheme will be launched on December 21, Distribution of benefits to the newly applied beneficiaries under various schemes will be held on December 28. Also, distribution of enhanced pension will be launched on January 1, EBC Nestam on January 9, followed by Rythu Bharosa in the month of January.
Chief Secretary Sameer Sharma, Agriculture Special CS Poonam Malakondaiah, Housing Special CS Ajay Jain, Municipal and Urban Development Special CS Y Srilakshmi, Medical Health Principal Secretary Anil Kumar Singhal, Agriculture Marketing, Co-operative Principal Secretary Y Madhusudhan Reddy, Women and Child Welfare Chief Secretary A R Anuradha and other dignitaries were present.


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