Who are the rulers of the adulteration?


Is there an end to this?
(Dr. N. Khaleel M.Pharm, Ph.D)
The counterfeiting pandemic that is playing havoc with public health is on the rise across the country. However, it is becoming contaminated. Adulteration in edible pulp, adulteration in drinking water, adulteration in salt, adulteration in oil, adulteration in pepper, adulteration in seeds, and finally adulteration in life-saving emergency drugs. False emperors are thriving wherever possible regardless of whether it is this or that. There have been reports of massive adulteration of oils in support of the recent festive season. Meanwhile, in Hyderabad, caught selling oil made from cattle fat. Has been doing this business for many years. Things that happened during the investigation are disheartening. In the past, a number of Lorries have been smuggled along the Andhra border along with Khammam district. Large scale packing machines for adulterated coconut oil were seized in Vijayawada area. Contamination in petrol is going on unabated. The cases are still pending. However, the status still continues. There is nothing more to be said about drug adulteration. Are often caught. Inferior and counterfeit drugs are being marketed as market items, especially in rural areas.

In telugu one saying that, Aggi pulla, sabbu billa, kukkapilla .. kadedi kavitakanarham annado kavi .. pulses, powders, fruits, oils .. kavevi kaltikanarham say today’s ketugallu. Public health is being counted, officials are being tampered with, every food item is being tampered with, without fear of sin. Their target is the foods that people use daily. Fertilizer chemicals in chili powder, sawdust in tea powde.. Palm oil in ghee, margarine, chemicals in emeralds, crunchy popcorn, kurkurela life threatening poisons, stored meats, chemical coatings on fruits .. not to mention many things. Glossy packets, with the logos of leading companies being tricked into it. Ten types of counterfeit branded goods are being made in one company. Rolling with packing without even being able to identify what is original and what is counterfeit. What are the authorities doing if this is happening?

One famous saying in telugu that Tindi kaligite, Kanda Kaladoi .. Kanda Kalavadenu Manishoi .. ’said Gurzada Apparao. Let’s keep man muscle strength aside, man needs quality food to live a healthy life. No matter how much we earn, we give high priority to food items in terms of cost. Everybody wants to buy quality fruits, curries, pulses, oils, rice and other ingredients as there is no livelihood if food is compromised. This feeling is becoming stronger for counterfeiters. Some traders are filling their pockets with chemicals and perishable goods that are harmful to public health in the hope of higher profits.

Above all, adulteration in milk is attacking everyone’s health, big or small. Millions of people across the country are hospitalized with serious illnesses, some of them permanently ill. Other survivors are being suffering. No matter how severely the problem attacks public health, it seems that the central and state governments are not taking the necessary steps to control it. Occasionally people are unable to take constructive concrete steps to prevent the malpractice that is playing havoc with people’s lives unless they are making provocative attacks to remind them of their presence to wipe away tears. This is not happening in remote villages. It is happening in all towns and cities across the country, regardless of whether it is here or there. Innocent people are being exploited. Financially disadvantaged. But losing health. Tuberculosis, cancer, heart disease, and liver disease are just some of the diseases that cannot be cured by devoting themselves to bed for years. Concerned neo-hippies and their global warming. Officials estimate that over 40 crore kilos of tea powder is consumed annually across the country and up to 3 crore kilos in the Telugu states.

There is massive corruption going on. Also recently caught. The leaves are dried and crushed along with the peanut shell. This cultivating program is thriving as a cottage industry in the north coast region where peanut plantations are abundant. In addition, iron is added. Hence the possibility of weight gain. In some areas used tea powder is collected in hotels and sold with one-fifth of the new tea powder. None of this is new. Occasional raids by officers continue to surface. Doctors say that the use of such tea powders can lead to indigestion in the early stages, which can lead to ulcers and eventually cancer. As well as the pepper, turmeric and oils that people use regularly, this contamination goes unchecked. Adding sawdust and sesame seeds in chilli powder.

The less we talk about adulteration in alcohol the better. Uncooked little girls’ favorite chocolates, biscuits, ice cream, and a variety of drugs and chemicals can cause illness. In the meantime, it has come to light that old sweets, which are not sold in some sweet stalls, are made by mixing colors and chemicals to make them look new and fresh.

Even if it caused a sensation at the time. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. Would it be better not to mention the eateries selling on the roads anymore? Rulers have been failing for decades to prevent adulteration corruption from leading to such catastrophic conditions. To fight adulteration corruption is to have the honesty to achieve the goal with dedication. Such a monster cannot be repelled unless the NGOs and the rulers come together. (Author is a Pharma specialist)


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