11-Day Yagam to save Environment to protect the Planet


Dr. Shankar Chatterjee

 Pragati Green Resorts, located near Hyderabad, is a man-made eco-village developed on barren land, creating a natural habitat. The environment here is completely eco-friendly, abundantly bio-diverse, pollution-free, and mosquito-free.  Dr. G.B.K. Rao, Chairman and Managing Director of the organisation, a dynamic and also erudite scholar, took the initiative in the early 1990s to convert a non-usable land barren land into a green belt on 2,500 acres of land without any chemical pesticides or fertilizers. As per the statistics, 30,000 plants of 5,000 species can be found there.

In the campus (Pragati Sudhaama area)  from July 3, 2023, to July 13, 2023,  ‘Sri Mahaagni Chayana Poorvaka Sarwaprusta Sarwastoma Aptoryama Utkrusta Somayagam’ Yagam was held as per Vedic philosophy.  In this Yagam, 1,000 bricks were piled systematically for performing the same, and the atmosphere was purified after the Yagam. It is pertinent to mention that this Yagam was conducted to seek the blessings of Almighty God so that all can live blissfully and peacefully with spiritual development than much materialistic progress.  Further, it may be mentioned here that Yagam was performed at the Pragati Sudhaama zone of the campus, where medicinal herbs have been planted since 1994.  The various studies reveal that the cultivation of medicinal plants, and millets, planting of sacred, rare and endangered plant species and forest collections, etc., helped in eliminating viruses and bad bacteria, especially the pathogenic types not allowed to grow in the atmosphere and thus facilitated the area to develop like heaven.

Altogether 51 Brahmin priests under the leadership of one head priest from Karnataka were invited to perform the Yagam. The highlighting points are that Yagam was performed for the welfare of the people in general without considering castes, creed, religion, etc.,  and after performing the Yagam entire environment was cleaned, and the oxygen level went up in the area. Thanks to G.B.K. Rao, Chairman, and Managing Director of Pragati Group, for his initiative to organise the event meticulously, which was successful in all respects.  


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